Design Tips For Family Homes

Designing the perfect family home isn't easy. As well as creating a space that looks great, you’ll need to focus on ensuring your property functions perfectly. Luckily, help is at hand. Following simple but effective interior design tips should help you to strike that all-important balance between style and practicality.

Make room for the essentials
There are certain essential features that all busy homes need, and you’ll have to factor these into your overall design. For example, in the kitchen, it’s well worth including a dishwasher to make clearing up after mealtimes easy. As well as making it easier to keep your kitchen clean, you can find machines that are more energy and water efficient than washing up by hand at retailers like Tesco.

For a family friendly lounge, it's worth looking for synthetic microfiber fabrics that are stain resistant when you are shopping for a new sofa and soft furnishings. Microfiber fabrics look great, and are almost indistinguishable from natural materials, so you won't be sacrificing style for practicality.

Be savvy with your storage
It’s also important to be savvy when it comes to storage. It’s amazing how much stuff the average family has and, unless you want to be constantly tripping over toys and banging into books, you’ll need to have enough places to keep all of your household items. To make the best possible use of space, it helps to invest in full-height shelves and cupboards, that have doors so you can keep the clutter covered. Bear in mind that many other furnishings can double up as additional storage, for example, it’s easy to find stylish ottomans with hidden storage spaces, which will add comfort, style and a perfect places to store your linens.

Choose your materials with care
Along with a stain resistant couch and throw pillows, be sure to choose the surface materials for your floors and worktop areas carefully too, as certain products are much better suited than others to the wear and tear of family homes. For example, when you’re choosing a kitchen worktop, go for hard wearing granite, marble, or for a cheaper option, stainless steel. Stainless steel is an excellent choice as it looks chic and clean, and through use, the surface will develop a patina over time, which will add character and make it feel like a working, and loved, kitchen.

In terms of flooring, it’s best to steer clear of pale carpets, especially in high-traffic areas, as these carpets can quickly show signs of wear because they stain easily. Instead, it’s more practical to opt for wood, tiles, laminate or vinyl. Meanwhile, if you do want the comfort of carpets, consider darker designs, or place rugs over the areas that are walked over most.

By following tips like these, you should be able to create a family home that looks great, is comfy and practical and that will keep your family home looking beautiful well into the future.


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