Surviving Your Daughter's First Period #PlayOnCA

I remember the first time Aunt Flow came to visit, I was staying at my grandparent's house for a few days and I was in the shower getting ready for school. I was ten and in grade five. I was nervous, freaked out and was screaming for my grandmother to come in and help me. To my surprise she was really calm and explained what a menstrual cycle was and handed me over a tampon.

Now, although I was really grateful that my grandmother was there, she didn't exactly tell me everything I needed to know about using a tampon, which left me hating to use them for a long while. Luckily, my mom came to the rescue and explained all of my unanswered questions.

Fast forward decades later, my oldest daughter is going to be turning ten this August, her body is already going through lots of changes. Although she hasn't had her first period yet, seeing how mine came pretty early, I'm getting prepared to talk to her so that when the time comes, she's prepared.

There are tons of myths out there about periods, so I was really glad when Playtex sent me over a Mom Survival Kit that included a guide that answered so many questions about Periods. They aren't scary and there is no reason why we can't still be as active as we are any other time of the month.

I remember when I was a kid and there was a pool party going on for a friend's birthday. I wanted to go really bad and was really excited about it until I got my period and was so nervous that my tampon would leak, so I opted out of going. I look back on that now and shake my head.

With the new Playtex Sport Combo pack, our daughters will have the best protection they need during their time of the month with lots of options to fit their need. The combo pack includes; Playtex Sport Tampons along with the new Playtex Sport Pads or Playtex Sport Liners.

This new Playtex Sport Combo pack is ideal for girls just getting their periods and are in the process of deciding which products best suit their needs. The Playtex Sport Combo pack gives our daughters the protection they need and also gives us a peace of mind knowing she's covered!

Playtex sent me an amazing Period Survival Kit that not only made it easier for me when talking to my daughter about her first period, but also was filled with lots of items that made her feel more comfortable as well. Though this kit isn't in store for sell, you too can duplicate this kit in many different ways so that you're well prepared when you sit your daughter down and talk to her about her first period. Items in my kit were:

Playtex Mom Survival Guide
Nail Polish
Teen Magazine
Itune's gift card
Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses
Magic Bag (used for cramps, aches and pain)
Playtex Sport Combo Liners & Tampons


This summer, Playtex Sport is celebrating young women across Canada with an Instagram contest that asks girls to show how they Play On. There's a grand prize and weekly prizes and all your daughter has to do is share her goals by sharing a picture and using the hashtag #PlayOnCA. For additional information on this contest follow them on Instagram at @PlayOnCanada.
If you're a mom with a tween/teen daughter and are looking for some tips and pointers on how you can have that talk with her, be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and 

Disclosure: Although this post was sponsored by Playtex Canada, all opinions are my own.


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