Teen Wolf Season 3 Part B DVD Review #MOONDay

While Scott struggles to find his place as an Alpha, he, Allison and Stiles begin to experience strange side effects as a result of re-igniting the power within Beacon Hills. They soon discover that the answer to their problems may be found in a new student named Kira, a girl with remarkable powers of her own.

What a great second end to a season. If you are not already a fan the show, Teen Wolf, I suggest you get caught up and be as obsessed with this show as I am. What I really loved about this season was that we got more episodes then any other season, which means this show is kicking butt! 

Season 3B starts off with Scott, Stiles and Allison all having symptoms from when they re-ignited the power within Beacon Hills in season 3A. When we think that it's over for them and that they have overcome yet another type of evil enemy, things are getting more and more strange with Stiles. Spoiler alert, he gets possessed and throughout the entire season the gang is trying to find ways to save him. This second half of the season definitely had us on our toes throughout all episodes and we were also introduced to a few new characters, one being a new love interest for Scott. 

What does suck about the ending of season 3B is that we loose a character that, in my opinion, shouldn't have died. I won't spoil it for those of you who are not caught up yet, but a favorite character does die and it effects all of our main characters. 

Season 3B is now out and available for purchase on DVD. If you're a fan, you definitely need this in your collection so you can enjoy this second half of the season just as much as I did. Also, be sure to tune in on Mondays on MTV at 10pm, season four has just started! 
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Teen Wolf Season 3B on DVD at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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