Date Night Postpone Due To Sick Kiddos & Pregnant Mama! #NaturallyatHome

I think I've said it about a billion times, but this Winter has definitely been brutal. I'm sure not just in my household. From both the kiddos getting the flu back to back and horrible coughs, it's been pretty tough trying to squeeze in a date night for the hubby and I. Although I can't just blame it on the kiddos being sick, this pregnancy has been pretty hard on me and it's been difficult to keep anything down. So when the kids aren't sick, mommy is. Which can definitely be hard on the hubby, but he's been amazing and patient with all the all day morning sickness I seem to have.

Normally we try to get a date night in once a month because even though we love our kids to death, we do need our time to be husband and wife and hangout by ourselves. (Even though once a month doesn't seem like a lot, it is when you're busy running a household with two little ones and with the hubby out of town for work most of the time.)

Now, this doesn't necessarily means going out. Although I love when we do get out of the house, I can settle with putting the kids to bed early, eating a romantic dinner at home and watching a movie with the hubby. On days when we can't afford to go out or we can't find a sitter, these are the perfect date nights that I love. Since the hubby and I are both comedy movie lovers, it's great to watch a movie that will keep us laughing or play a board game or cards together. This definitely brings out the competitive side in both of us.

Our last date night happened to be the day after Valentine's Day. We headed out to dinner and although the food was amazing and delicious, the nausea came as soon as we asked for the check and we had to postpone going out to the movies. So when we got home and paid the sitter. The hubby let me pick out my favorite movie, Pretty Woman, and we watched it as I sipped on ginger-ale.

With the end of Winter, I'm definitely excited for all the sickness to end in our house and also do more with the hubby outside. Although this year I won't be able to ride on his motorcycle with him, I'm excited to start back on our daily walks to the park and around the neighborhood.

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