Fox's Own The Moments App Review & Anastasia / Thumbelina DVD Giveaway

There are tons of apps out now for just about everything. Today I want to share with you a new app from Twentieth Century Fox, Own The Moments. This app is perfect for movie lovers such as myself and best of all it's free! I got a chance to check it out and review it. i downloaded it on my husband's iphone (app for iphone and android users only) and began to browse through it as a guest. It gives you that option or you can sign up via Facebook, which is pretty cool.

One of the best things about this app is that each, "own the moment," comes with a video clip of the specific movie, sound bites, photos, fun facts and activities. I'm a big fan of Brides War, so when I saw that movie on the app I immediately went through all the fun extras you get and read/played them. So much fun and another way to have something of your favorite movie right at the touch of your phone.

So which movie would you be looking forward to Owning The Moments?
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